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I have been to many Address' in Ellesmere port over the last month or so with the problem of a broken key which has required a locksmith to extract the remaining blade inside the lock. There are a couple of things that you as the user can do to eliminate such a problem. Firstly lubricate the uPVC mechanism working parts every 3 months to keep the metal on metal proving parts from being resistant to each other, Secondly you can ensure that the door is fitting in the frame properly. Test the mechanism outside of the frame and then in the frame, if the problem is only whilst the door is in the frame then we here at locksmiths Ellesmere Port are here to help.

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A lot of my customers in Ellesmere Port are quite surprised when I inform them that I can fix and repair their window locks and even more surprised when I give them the cost which is a fraction of the price of replacement...so don't let any of these big national companies fool you into believing that you need a replacement window.  It is very satisfying to know that Locksmiths Ellesmere Port can save you £££s.
Here is a list of the window repairs we can carry out:
  • uPVC window lock repairs
  • Double glazed window lock repairs
  • Window Hinges
  • Conservatory window lock repairs
  • Tilt and slide door repairs
  • Tilt and turn door repairs
  • Friction hinge repair
  • Patio Door repairs
  • Window handle repairs or replacements

 Call Paul at Locksmiths Ellesmere Port to get your window locks sorted today...

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<![CDATA[Ellesmere Port Lock Snapping]]>Wed, 07 Jan 2015 06:32:57 GMThttp://www.locksmithinellesmereport.co.uk/blog/ellesmere-port-lock-snappingEllesmere Port has seen a number of break ins over the festive period and I would like to keep my customers here in Ellesmere Port up to date with one of the current methods that the bad guy uses to break in.  Euro cylinder lock snapping is one of the latest and I have inserted a BBC documentary that explains all (see below).

I strongly advise that all houses with these Euro Cylinders to get the very latest in anti-snap locks which Locksmiths Ellesmere Port can supply and fit.

Call Paul for a quote today....
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